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 Home Rekognition

  26th Nov 2017

I recently pointed a webcam at each door of my home, and using AWS Rekognition, I have added facial recognition to my IoT connected alarm system. I will now be able to customize the experience based on who is entering my home. Added security also means I will know who is entering my home while I

 Roomba Frame Build

  22nd Jul 2017

I have been considering different ways to build a frame upward for this Roomba Create 2. Luckily, the Create 2 has several marked spots where you can drill and screw in to. To get it working quickly and efficiently, I chose to use some hard aluminum, and then brace and screw…

 100% Wind Energy Powered

  17th Jun 2017

Thanks to Arcadia Power my residence is now 100% Wind Energy powered.

 Custom IoT Alarm System

  26th Nov 2016

One of several projects I have been working on lately is a door alarm system with text message alerts using an Arduino, 1x sensor, a little code, and Twilio's Programmable SMS API. A photo posted by Josh Richard (@_joshrichard_) on Nov 6, 2016 at 6:31am PST I've even gone as…

 DC225 &

  23rd Jul 2016

I have been busy working on projects with and helping rebuild DEF CON 225 [DC225] - Baton Rouge's DEF CON group. I have taught an introduction to Node.JS, built projects featured in the local Maker Faire, redesigned the website, and have been keeping the blog and mailing list up to date

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