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Small Screen Interface

Posted 2015/05/23

I recently purhcased a small, 4.3 inch LCD to use with my Raspberry Pi.

LCD Screen for Raspberry Pi

I had some issues in the beginning because it didn't come with a useful manual, but after crossing a wire or two, it works just fine! LCD Screen for Raspberry Pi

Once I got it set up, I went to work on designing a useful UI, including real-time updates via PubNub

Interface for Raspberry Pi

Interface Information Includes

  • Real time updates via PubNub
    • Google Voice Email Forwarding & Piping for displaying incoming text messages
    • Uptime Robot Web-Hook for server uptime/downtime updates
    • SSH user login alerts for added security
    • GitLab Web Hook for Git repository notifications
    • Web API & Email Piping to append messages to the screen "on the fly"
  • Full calendar date
  • Time with functioning clock
  • Current temperature
  • Current weather icon
  • Unread Facebook Notification Count
  • Unread Gmail Email Count
  • Unread POP3 Email Count (currently under development)

Items Purchased

I designed an interface to monitor real-time events thanks to #RaspberryPi #pubnub and this 4.3" LCD

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The screen sits on the side of my keyboad #RaspberryPi #pubnub

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