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 Roomba Frame Build

  22nd Jul 2017

I have been considering different ways to build a frame upward for this Roomba Create 2. Luckily, the Create 2 has several marked spots where you can drill and screw in to. To get it working quickly and efficiently, I chose to use some hard aluminum, and then brace and screw…

 Custom IoT Alarm System

  26th Nov 2016

One of several projects I have been working on lately is a door alarm system with text message alerts using an Arduino, 1x sensor, a little code, and Twilio's Programmable SMS API. A photo posted by Josh Richard (@_joshrichard_) on Nov 6, 2016 at 6:31am PST I've even gone as…

 Single-board Computers

  17th Jul 2016

CHIP & PocketCHIP I was lucky enough to hear about the CHIP and PocketCHIP Kickstarter campaign while it was still ongoing. A $9 computer sounded almost too good to be true, but it's even better! [email protected] My #CHIP shipped out on Dec 23, 2015. It finally arrived today! :D #IoT— Josh…

 RoboPi and Pi-powered Screen Interface Updates

  9th Jul 2015

I have been working non-stop on my ongoing personal and client projects. Nothing is to the point of being "finished" yet, but I do have some relevant updates on some of my current projects. RaspberryPi-powered Information Interface My #RaspberryPi powered interface now includes current bandwidth usage &…

 Raspberry Pi + iRobot Create 2 (Roomba) = RoboPi

  18th Jun 2015

Having no major background in anything robotics, I was looking for a simple way to get started on my own "robotic like" device. I came across the iRobot Create 2 and immediately knew it was what I was looking for because it appeared to have an easy system to manipulate with…

 Small Screen Interface

  23rd May 2015

I recently purhcased a small, 4.3 inch LCD to use with my Raspberry Pi. I had some issues in the beginning because it didn't come with a useful manual, but after crossing a wire or two, it works just fine! Once I got it set up, I went to work on designing…

 Raspberry Pi & USB Battery Pack [Tests]

  4th Mar 2015

I recently purchased a KMASHI 10000mAh MP816 USB Portable Battery Pack via Amazon and wanted to check to see how long it would power my Raspberry Pi B+ I wrote a quick PHP script, set it to autorun when the Pi booted, and then waited for it to power off. A photo posted by…

 Raspberry Pi Strobe Lights

  24th Jan 2015

After customizing my new Raspberry Pi B+ with a case and setting up Raspbian, I began looking through some tutorials and documentation for some ideas for a basic, initial project. I started out simply turning on and off an LED light via Python, and then from there I set up a…


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